Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walgreens: 35 cents after Register Rewards

Ok, so these items are not exactly what I want people to know I purchase, but I saved so much money I had to share. Walgreens has a program that offers rewards for buying certain products. They are usually weekly deals, but some run all month long. When you buy an item the catalina machine next to the register spits out a register reward that you can use on your next purchase. Here is my example of what I did today (the picture above):

*Buy $30 or more, Get $10 (Register Reward)
4 Mylanta $16.00
3 Gas-X $15.00
Baking Soda $1.29 (filler item)
Total $32.29
Used 2 $4.00 off 2 Mylanta coupons
Used 3 $1.00 off 1 Gas-X coupons
Used 1 $2.00 off Gas-X from Walgreens' October Coupon Book (Takes $6.00 off)
Used 1 Walgreens' coupon for Baking Soda taking $0.79 cents off
Used 1 $7.00 Register Reward from a previous shopping trip.
Made my total OOP (out of pocket) $7.50, with tax it was $10.35 cents
Subtract my $10 Register Reward and I got all of this for 35 Cents!

About the "filler item": a Register Reward is considered a manufacturer coupon, and you cannot have more manufacturer coupons than than items purchased. Since I was using manufacturer coupons for all the other items, I added a cheap filler item which allowed me to use the $7.00 Register Reward from my last shopping trip.

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