Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Week In Review 10/25-10/31

I have been trying to stock up when items are on sale, so I didn't need as much this week. I have plenty of frozen meat and dairy. I also have a closet full of "personal care" items like shampoo, razors, diapers, and toothpaste that I have stocked up on when they were at rock bottom prices. I spent $10 of my grocery bill on Christmas presents. I also spent $10 extra stocking up on more beans and canned tomatoes. Considering how poor the sales were this week I am happy with how I did!

Weeks Total: $66.25, deducting $10.00 spent on Christmas presents.
Average Savings: 78%

Here are my figures:

Amount Spent: $1.00
Amount Saved: $33.62
Percent Saved: 97%
Highlights:  I used double coupons to get 2 free bags of Halloween candy, and spent $1.00 for two tubs of caramel dip.   I used a $10 off coupon from a previous shopping trip to get 5 lbs. of free chicken breast.

Amount Spent: 77¢
Amount Saved: $9.98
Percent Saved: 92%
Highlights: Got Free Kashi and Rimmell Mascara for 49¢ because the cashier gave me overage for my cereal coupons.
Lowlights:  This was an unplanned trip and I didn't have all my coupons with me.  I was waiting for my oldest daughter who was at Plato's Closet, so I ran in and impulse shopped!  I should have saved my $3 off Kashi coupons to use at Fred Meyer. There were also items I could have got if I had all my coupons.  Oh well!

Fred Meyer: Transaction 1
Amount Spent: $6.19
Amount Saved: $27.64
Percent Saved: 81%
Highlights: Free Snuggle, cheap hot dogs and dog treats.

Fred Meyer: Transaction 2
Amount Spent: $26.69
Amount Saved: $89.15
Percent Saved: 70%
Highlights: Glade candles $1.00 each, Glade Refills Free, All Detergent $1.99 each, Pumpkins 12¢/lb, canned beans and tomatoes 50¢ each, Kashi 50¢ each, caramels $1.12 each, fryer chicken 69¢/lb.

Fred Meyer: Transaction 3
Amount Spent: $36.65
Amount Saved: $32.18
Percent Saved: 53%
Highlights: Stocked up on more beans and tomatoes, free pop tarts.
Lowlights: Spent too much on paper towels, but I really needed them.

Amount Spent: $5.08
Amount Saved: $20.79
Percent Saved: 80%
Highlights: 2 free deodorants, free lotion, and free chap stick.  Used $11 in Register Rewards and earned $10.00 in Register Rewards.
Lowlight:  I realized I had $4.00 in expired Register Rewards.

I made a lot of trips to Fred Meyer which is unusual for me!  I usually do it all on Saturday mornings.  How did you do?

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