Monday, November 9, 2009

This Week In Review: 11/1 - 11/7 (76% Savings)

I really didn't do a lot of grocery shopping this week.  I was actually waiting for double coupons to use with the ongoing General Mills/Betty Crocker promo at Albertsons, which will be included in next weeks review.  I also still have a decent food stockpile.  And, since I am fairly new to coupon shopping and buying in bulk I must admit I haven't invested in a large freezer yet, and my little one is stuffed!  I know I would be saving even more money by doing getting one, but we don't buy anything on credit and it hasn't been in the budget.  (I am getting desperate for one though after reading Money Saving Mom's awesome freezer cooking ideas.)  Buying a large freezer is high on my wish list, but unfortunately it might have to wait until after Christmas.  I did get to stock up on make-up and some personal care items at the drugstores this week.

Here are my figures:

Week Total: $62.89
Average Percent Saved: 76%

Fred Meyer:
Amount Spent: $32.50 before tax
Amount Saved: $40.27 ($72.77, total before coupons & sales)
Percent Saved: 55%

Albertsons: (Two Trips)
Amount Spent: $9.94 before tax
Amount Saved: $28.89 ($38.38, total before coupons & sales)
Percent Saved: 75%
Highlights: 6 Sara Lee Deli Meat Pkgs. for roughly $1.33 each, regularly $5.99 each)
Walgreens: (Multiple Trips)
Amount Spent: $16.88 and I earned $26.00 in Register Rewards!
Amout Saved: $137.38
Percent Saved: 89%, If you count Register Rewards 100%
Highlights: 17 free Almay Mascaras!

Rite Aid:
Amount Spent: $10.49, Submitted SRC of $7.00, making total $3.49
Amount Saved: $19.27
Percent Saved: 85%

I do my figures before tax just to keep the math simple.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment!

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