Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Victoria's Secret, Secret Santa Gift Cards

Victoria’s Secret is currently running a promotion called Secret Santa. How it works: If you spend $10 you will receive a Secret Santa gift card valued at $10 to $500! You receive the card in the store, but won’t be able to find out the value until December 1st. You must make your purchase between now and November 30th to receive the gift card.

I’m thinking that no matter what the value of the gift card is, it’s a pretty cool deal because you will end up with at least a FREE $10 gift card!  I love all these Victoria Secret freebies lately. I have received free lip gloss and free panties, to name a few.  I recommend you sign up for Victoria Secret newsletters  HERE   and  Victoria’s Secret Pink Nation  HERE.  I am always getting emails with great freebies and deals.

Victoria’s Secret is also currently running an in store promotion “Spend $30, get a FREE Lace Panty".

To find out about Victoria's Secret eGift Card Promo go HERE!

I love Victoria's Secret lingerie and products, but they can be a little spendy.  But, since I've discovered all their great promos and freebies I get to enjoy them for a lot less!

Thanks to a reader tip for this one!

If you plan to be a the mall, stop by Maybe Frugal first to find out about some great mall coupons.  Thanks Maygan!


maygan said...

hehe, there's no $10 purchase requirement for online orders (or there wasn't) so I made money on the deal. I purchased clearance items when they had free shipping days earlier this month (3 orders @ $2 or so each= $6 spent and at least $30 in SSC earned!).

There's no free shipping at the moment, but it's a good thing to keep in mind if they offer it again for thanksgiving or black friday!

Kim said...

Wow, good deal! Too bad I missed it!

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