Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Building My Stockpile

I am happy to be finding some great deals so that I can add to my stockpile!  It really is the best way to save money on groceries and personal care items.  The trick is to find items when they are really cheap and buy them in as great of quantities as your budget allows.  My stockpile is not exactly where I want it to be, but it is growing!  I try to spend about $10 a week on stockpiling, depending on what deals are going on.  I honestly don't have a specific weekly grocery budget yet.  I am just trying to become a smarter shopper and get the best deals I can find.  I am staying around $300 a month though, and that works for my family.  As I become a little savvier, I hope to see that amount go down even more (from about $500 a month when I began all this).

Today I got more pasta sauce and salsa.  Last week I bought canned beans and canned tomatoes.

Fred Meyer:
Pasta Sauce: 45¢ each (here)
Salsa: Free

My cashier at Fred Meyer wouldn't accept my second coupon for the salsa, so I didn't get overage like I did last time,  but how can I complain about free! 

Chicken: 69¢ lb
Russet Potatoes 10#: 99¢
Used $5.50 in coupons
Total: $1.40 OOP

I also stopped by Albertsons and picked up a few items on sale through today that I missed on my last trip!

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Rachael said...

Great job stockpiling! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner about the potato deal. There really wasn't a "deal"-I just was given overage on 2 of my three double coupons in the same transaction and the cashier allowed it and used it toward the potatoes! Even without the potatoes are a good deal! I thought the Green Giant ones looked pretty nice compared to some of the cheap potatoes I've gotten in the past too:)

maygan said...

Wow- it looks like you're doing great with your stockpile so far!!

Brook said...

Hooray for savings! Thanks for sharing. Dropping by from SITS to say, "hello". Best wishes in 2010.

Kindest regards,

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