Monday, January 18, 2010

Check Your Receipts

Photo Courtesy of Flickr: The Ewan

For two weeks in a row, I was charged the wrong price for produce!  Both times I didn't notice this until I got home.  This week   I was charged $1.29 per lb for large Granny Smith apples, even though I purchased the schoolboy size for 79¢ per lb.  No big deal right?  The difference was only around 75¢. But the previous week I was charged $4.99 per lb for Heirloom tomatoes when I purchased the much cheaper Roma tomatoes (or so I thought), for $1.79 per lb.  The difference was a couple bucks!  I called Fred Meyer and they just had me bring my receipt in the next time I was shopping to get reimbursed the difference.  They were very kind, and didn't laugh at me for being cheap!

I always recommend watching the register when items are being rung up to avoid being overcharged.  When it concerns produce, it's a little harder to catch a mistake at checkout.  I seem to catch mine when I am going over my Fred Meyer receipt calculating the shelf cost of my purchase prior to imputing it into my savings tracker. 

Whenever you catch a mistake, always bring it to someone's attention. You don't want to pay more than you should.  In my opinion, it adds up, and I want to keep every penny I work so hard to save :) 

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