Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Hunt's Pasta Sauce for 31¢ at Fred Meyer

In case you missed this deal I had hidden in my post about eCoupons this afternoon, you can get 3 cans of Hunt's Pasta Sauce at Fred Meyer this week for 31¢ each!  Here's how:

Hunt's Pasta Sauce: 79¢ each with in ad coupon
Use 45¢/3 Shortcuts eCoupon here
Use $1/3 here
Final Price: 31¢ each!

The bad news is that you can only get three at this price because eCoupons can only be used once.  The good news is they are only 45¢ without the eCoupons, so stock up!


laceylady said...

I'm so bummed, I reached my maximum coupon limit on Shortcuts just before I got to the Hunt's pasta sauce. It says I have 4 Ecoupons expiring tomorrow so maybe it will let me ad it then. I had no idea there even was a limit.

Kim said...

That is a bummer! That has never happened to me either and I have read about others having "100's" of eCoupons loaded. I need to look into this a little more. I actually didn't load any for a couple weeks during the holidays, so I think that I am good. Thanks for the comment!

laceylady said...

It let me add the Hunt's Ecoupon today. This will make my FM shopping a little better today.

Kim said...

Laceylady, Great! I couldn't find an answer about coupon limits on the Shortcuts website, so I emailed them. Hopefully I will have an answer for me about this soon.

laceylady said...

Well, after all of that the Hunt's eCoupon didnt come off, But that's ok I still found some nicely marked down meat.

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