Wednesday, January 13, 2010

La Victoria Coupon Update

I did several posts on the La Victoria coupons that are available at the La Victoria Rewards and Sweepstakes website. I felt comfortable doing this because in the official rules it states that “No purchase is necessary.” Apparently La Victoria considers the use of codes that are shared to be fraudulent. This is from an email that a fellow blogger posted:

"Thank you for contacting the La Victoria Rewards and Sweepstakes Promotion help center.

It is fraud, so we would greatly appreciate it if you do report it. The reason why the "no purchase" option is on the website is because we issue AMOE codes to those who request it (for sweepstakes only) via mail and they need a means to convey what their code is associated with. It is completely dishonest and we thank you for reporting this."

I have removed the posts that explained where to obtain these codes and apologize to my readers for this mistake. I believe in ethical and honest use of coupons, and would never have posted this information or used these coupons myself if I had realized they were considered fraud.  If you have any of the La Victoria $4/2 coupons and obtained them using shared codes I ask you discard of them!  I am sorry for any inconvenience and will always try to post deals that are legitimate by researching them to the best of my ability.
Thank You!


Rachael said...

Yikes! Thanks for passing that on. I had no idea:(

The Keevy Family said...

I did see this before I went to Fred Meyer last night. I was kind of bummed to not be able to use my coupons, but I don't want to do anything dishonest. Thanks for letting us know!

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