Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 1/25

It's time for Menu Plan Monday once again, where I get to share how my last week of planning went, and what I have in store for the coming week.  I have to admit, this is only my fourth week of doing this, and I am already running out of steam.  I never realized how small my recipe box is and can't  believe I am starting to have trouble coming up with new ideas.  Sad, I know, but fortunately my family never really complains.  Maybe they will be really happy now with some new creativity at the dinner table!

Last week I pretty much stuck to my menu plan.  Once again I shuffled meal days, but the meals themselves mostly went according to the plan.  I did have to use chicken in one recipe instead of pork because I was out.  On Saturday I got busy going through ads, so my husband just went and got a pizza from Papa Murphy's, my old standby.  There were no other major changes.

After checking out a few other plans at I'm an Organization Junkie for inspiration, here's what we will be eating this week:

Monday:  Chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles, rolls. I make this a lot, but it's a family favorite.

Tuesday:  Sloppy Joes, baked fries, green salad.

Wednesday:  Tuna Casserole, peas, Pillsbury bread sticks.

Thursday:  Baked pork chops with rice in cream of mushroom soup, mixed veggies.

Friday:  Broccoli cheddar quiche, and ?

Saturday:  Farmhouse chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans.

Sunday:  Going to Seattle Children's Museum, so dinner out.

Need some inspiration of your own?  Check out tons of other menu plans at I'm an Organization Junkie!

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Stuff could always be worse said...

Love the way you plan the meals, and your blog is great!
kim mbc

Stephanie said...

Congratulations with 4 weeks worth of planning! I find it truly helps me stay organized, as far as the kitchen is concerned! I have gotten so many intersting ideas from other people's menus that I had to start a binder of the stuff that I want to try. I have another one for the "keepers."

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