Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Albertsons Run

Sorry this isn't a better picture!

I had to run to Albertsons this morning to take advantage of some good deals that end tonight.  I used the double coupons that were in this Sunday's paper.  I was happy to get several FREE items and earn a $5 OYNO catalina.  I paid $9.98 for all this and saved 68%.  This cheese alone is normally $6.99, so I'm pleased.  Here's the breakdown:

Transaction #1:

Jolly Time Popcorn: FREE after coupon & doubler
Ken's Zesty Italian Dressing: FREE after coupon & doubler
Ken's Ranch Dressing: FREE after coupon & doubler
Sour Cream: 2 for $2
Parmesan: $1
Total: $2.98 (due to 2¢ in overage)

Transaction #2: I decided to go to another store because the first one I went to doesn't carry Cottage Doublers.  Fortunately both stores are about 1 mile either way from my home.

(5) Knudsen Cottage Doublers: $1.29 each
Total: $6.45 and earned a $5 OYNO catalina
For details see Jane's post here

Transaction #3:

(3) Barilla Pasta Boxes: 50¢ each after coupons and  doublers
Tillamook Cheese: $3.99
Used $5 catalina
Total: 46¢ 

You still have a little time to use your double coupons.  Go here and here for details.

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maygan said...

Great shopping! Have you tried Ken's ceaser dressing, it's beyond amazing! Let me know if their ranch is any good...I'm a little bit picky about ranch dressings.

The Keevy Family said...

GREAT job!! I love to see your savings. :)

Just a heads up if you try the Cottage Cheese Doubles again...I tried 10 Kraft products in one transaction today and I only got 1 $5 cat. I am not sure if it's an issue with the machine or not, but I'll be calling the catalina number and see if I can find something out. I've heard from others though that for 5 products it's working with no problems.


Kim said...

Maygan, I almost bought the ceasar to give it a try, but decided to get the ranch. It's my first time buying it though. I hope it's good, but if not, at least it was free!

Thanks for the information Jane! I was a little nervous to try the Cottage Double deal. I'm so glad it worked. I would have hated to pay for those and not get the cat!

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