Monday, January 25, 2010

My Week of Savings In Review 1/17 -1/23

All in all it was a great week for deals!  I really didn't want to do this week in review though for several reasons.  I made three shopping trips and had nine total transactions.  I  got everything logged into my savings tracker, but corresponding the deals to my pictures was a little tricky because there are so many.  To complicate things, I bought a new computer over the weekend and was having trouble linking it with the old one.  Today I was also having a problem with internet explorer, so I switched to Firefox, and there seem to be some differences. Yikes!

After only spending $30 the previous week, I made up for it by spending $65.98 this week.   My savings were $139.58 or 68%.  I did a lot of stocking up and am really happy about that.  Eventually I hope to be able to eat from my pantry too, but this wasn't the month to do it.  Soon though, very soon!


Paid: $11.93
Shelf Cost: $37.27
Saved: 68%
Paid: $2.60
Shelf Cost: $23.72
Saved: 89% and earned a $3.50 OYNO coupon

I had two more transactions that I didn't get  photos of.  This is what my stock pile of fruit snacks looks like now though!
Spent: $6.57 OOP, used $3.50 catalina
Shelf Cost: $48.21
Total Savings: 87% and I still have $6 in catalinas


Spent: $17.43
Shelf Cost: $46.50
Total Savings: 65%


There is one picture missing, in which I bought more TP, baby food, gum and produce.
Spent: $27.45
Shelf Cost: $27.45
Amount Saved: 49%

Here's how I am doing for the month:

 I still have $95.74 to spend and still stay within my budget.  I plan to stock up on meat and diapers this coming week, so I might just hit that mark.  So far I have saved $453. 42 or 69%!

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Anonymous said...


The Keevy Family said...

Wow! Good for you! I really love these posts you do, please keep it up! I am committing myself to doing this as much as possible this year too, and I know how much work it is! My frustration with it is getting everything up the stairs to the kitchen to take a picture of it, and then taking some of it down to the chest freezer and putting it all away. It's a lot of work for this 6 month pregnant lady! But I think I really benefit from doing it this way.
I didn't do the eating from the pantry challenge this month either. I wasn't quite stocked enough, and now that I am not far from having my baby--next month I will actually start stocking up a bit more since I have the space and the freezer for it. I'm sure that will make things easier for me after the baby comes.
To answer your question about the comments on blogger, this is what you do:
-Go to your Dashboard on blogger
-Click on Settings
-Click on Comments (top tool bar)
-On Comment Moderation click on "always"
-Type in your email.
This should give you an email with each comment and then you verify the comment before it gets published.
Hope that helps! Thanks for the tips on my soup too! :)

Kim said...

Thanks Jane, I wanted to participate, but I kind of felt like I would have to start over from scratch if I did and that would defeat the purpose of what I have been trying to accomplish for the past several months. My goal is to have a great stockpile so I can start saving even more money at the grocery store. I don't blame you either with a baby coming. You need to keep that pantry stocked too! Kudos to all the awesome couponistas who did though:)

maygan said...

Kim, you did awesome!! I know what you mean about the pantry challenge this month. I was a little bit worried we'd eat everything and I'd have to start from scratch, but now that I'm almost through- I'm amazed at how much I have left. You've been doing awesome, and I'm sure in no time you'll be able to take shopping breaks when you want them too!!

Kim said...

Thanks Maygan, I am amazed at what a really great job you've been doing with that Challenge! I hope if they do it again I will get to take part!

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