Monday, January 11, 2010

My Week of Savings in Review: I Saved $270!

This week I saved a whopping $270.89 or 75% on my groceries and personal care items!  My total out of pocket was $66.32.  I am still building my stockpile, which is absolutely necessary to saving money!  I got lots of free salsa (here, and good through Feb. 2nd!), canned goods and cheap creamer this week.  I'm a big believer in buying store brand items in order to save money too.  I also love great deals, like the Kashi, when I find them!  It was a great week at Walgreens to boot.  Here's what I got:

Fred Meyer: Trip 1
Spent $4.53
Saved $25.88 or 85%
(Not Pictured: 3 # bag of Carrots)

Fred Meyer: Trip 2
Spent: $46.20
Saved $42.52 or 48%
The creamer was 60% off so I purchased I stocked up.
I also stocked up on some canned goods. 
I saved some money on non-sale items I needed by buying the store brand.

Walgreens: 4 Transactions!
Total Spent before tax: $6.53
I also have $2 in Register Rewards left over!
Total Saved: $81.60 or 93%

Total Spent: $9.06
I still have $5.50 in future purchase coupons!
Total Savings: $53.89 or 93%

Here is my month to date savings:

It is really motivating to see how much I am saving and I am loving the new savings  tracker I downloaded from The Coupon Project. I keep mentioning it because it is a really handy tool to see how all my hard work is paying off.  I have already saved $254.97 this month, that's an average of 72%! Woohoo!

How are you doing?  I would love to hear about it!

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The Keevy Family said...

Kim, First off...GREAT JOB! You are rockin' this thing! :) It looks like you even have the perfect little table to display your groceries. I am happy if I can just get them thrown up on the counter or the table and get a picture! I'm trying to be better at that though.
I started the New Year with the savings tracker as well. I am loving it. How did you get that on your post?? I'd love to do the same. My totals are not as good as yours, but probably because I had a trip to the bread store this month and also Costco where I don't use coupons. But I am happy to report that I am under budget for being half way through the month and I'm doing great. My shelf cost is $211, Savings $109, Total Spent $103, and 51% total savings.

Btw--I posted on my blog post with a follow up comment about the dough recipe. It wasn't on there to begin with--you didn't miss it. When you asked about it I realized that I had a link for it so I added it. Hope you like it!


Kim said...

Thanks Jane! I'll come visit and let you know how I did it!

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