Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week In Review: 12/27 - 1/2

This is my Week in Review for December 27th through January 2nd.  As you can see by the pictures above, I did very little shopping.  I was so busy with the holidays and traveling, that I didn't have much time.  In fact I didn't pay attention to any deals last week and only used one coupon for this trip (gasp)!

 So, I am happy to report that I managed to buy everything on sale and found a store coupon for the sausage.  I also found bread on sale, so I stocked up on a few extra loaves to freeze.  When I was reviewing my receipt though, I noticed that I was charged $4.99 lb for the tomatoes I bought!  The cashier had charged me for heirloom and not roma tomatoes, so I had to get a price adjustment.  This is a great reminder to pay close attention to the register when your items are being rung up.

 I ended up spending $26.21 and saving 42%.

What I am most excited about was implementing the savings tracker that Angela at The Coupon Project created.  (I had attempted to make one myself a few months ago, but ended up abandoning it.)  What I most like about hers is that it figures out your total savings for you!  If one of your New Year's resolutions is to save more money, then I recommend you download it here.  It will help you see where your money is going and hopefully help you become a savvier shopper!

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