Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I Learned at Walgreens

I was in Walgreens last night to pick up a few items, and was excited to see that the gal checking out in front of me had a cart full of items she was purchasing by rolling register rewards.  (I don't see other shoppers doing this very often, and sometimes feel like I'm the only one!)   She also happened to be using the coupons from the highly coveted Walgreen's Children's Activity Book that I have been so desperately trying to find recently!

I told her that I had purchased the Activity Book in the past, but no longer had most of the coupons inside.  I did not realize that you do not have to turn these coupons over, and had given them to the cashiers with my previous purchases!  I was now having trouble locating more of these books.

I also mentioned that I had already bought three packs of Huggies, as part of the great deal that is going on this week, and wanted to buy more but they were out of my baby's size.  She suggested buying a larger size and just exchanging them later. That way I would still get the $5 register reward this week.  Duh, why hadn't I thought of that?!

She was so sweet, and offered to let me use the Huggies coupon from her Activity Book.  The cashier was fine with it, so of course I bought some more diapers!  The coupon brought the diapers down to  $4.32 each when factoring in the $5 RR I earned.

Now for the best part...

She was shopping with a  friend.  That friend happened to have an extra Children's Activity Book in her car so she gave it to me!!!  Now that's coupon clipper commroderie!

These gals had a great system going.  I think they do their Wags shopping together on a regular basis.  They were organized and on the ball!  It made me want to find a shopping buddy.

Lessons Learned:
  1. Don't turn over coupons from The Children's Activity book.  Just have the cashier scan them.
  2. If you want to do the Huggies diaper deal and they are out of the size you need, buy the wrong size and exchange them later.
  3. Couponers need to stick together!
If you are a local and are trying to find a book she suggested checking the Lynnwood 24 hour location!

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Christan said...

I don't hand over any Wags coupons. I don't even cut them out of the ad or any coupon book they have unless the cashier specifically asks, and they never do!
I tend to find my activity books near the clearance stuff usually tucked into a stack of books. I've only once found them in a holder near the pharmacy.
Yeah for sharing! I met a couponer at
Albies that shared coupons with me for the quaker deal! Awesome!

Joella said...

I wish I was a bit closer to the 24 hour Lynnwood location... when I ask about the book at my location they look at me like I'm nuts.... and say stuff like we've never had anything like that.

Kim said...

It's funny that these books are so hard to find. I've checked at least 4 stores in my area (besides Lynnwood), and none of the cashiers or pharmacists ever know what I am talking about. I wish I would have realized that you don't have to turn those coupons in sooner. Oh well. Maybe they will be coming out with a new one at the end of March when the coupons expire. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I agree... these books are horribly hard to find. I found one in Vancouver, WA... but I didn't realize you didn't have to hand over the coupons so I did and now I'm out the Huggies one. =( Bum deal.

Christan said...

If you can find someone who has a book ask them to make a photocopy of it for you.
There was a photocopy provided by someone on AFC and I made a copy, took it to my Wags and asked if I could use it and they said "YES!" Of course, then I found one...

Kim said...

Thanks Christan: I have one now, so if anyone needs a copy email me and I'll be happy to mail it to you! I don't know if every Wags will be so accommodating, but it's sure worth a try!

The Keevy Family said...

Thanks for this post Kim.

I have found these for the past two years and so I think they come out once a year--sometime in March. Both times I have found mine in the section with the kids coloring books. And typically the pharmacy staff and the Walgreens staff have no idea what they are!! :) Crazy...
I have used them and had the clerk hand me back the coupon after using it and I found that odd. Awhile back when I did a diaper deal they took the coupon and I figured that was what they were supposed to do. Oh well, now I know! But does it say on the coupon something other than for one time use only?
Also, I would be extremely leary of ever coping a coupon. That just doesn't make sense to me when everyone else has to purchase a book. Am I missing something here?


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