Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fred Meyer Run: Purex Deal

Update: I believe this deal is dead!  I didn't get a catalina yesterday when I tried to purchase two more, and while I haven't read anything officially, I've read that others didn't get theirs either.
I needed milk and some produce yesterday, so I decided to try the Purex deal, and it worked!  I still get a little nervous about catalina deals, so I only bought two bottles (I haven't seen the official advertisement myself).  This cost  me $13.64, but I earned a $4 "on your next order" catalina, and  will go back today to get two FREE Purex since this deal rolls, using the $4 "OYNO" coupon I earned from buying the Purex.

Purex 50 oz $1.99 each with in ad coupon
Used 45¢/1 manufacturer coupon (only had 1 in my coupon stash)

Bananas 59¢ per lb (everyday low price)
Oranges 58¢ per lb (good price and in season!)
Roma Tomatoes 99¢ per lb (decent, but not a stock up price)
Asparagus $1.28 per lb (cheapest I've seen this year and yummy with dinner last night)
Milk $2.28 per gallon

Earned a $4 "OYNO" catalina!

According to Maygan you need to buy 2 of the 50 oz Purex bottles to get the catalina (the 60 oz bottles apparently don't trigger the coupon to print).  Mine didn't print until well into the next person in lines transaction.  So, if yours doesn't print immediately, just wait a few minutes.  My cashier was thankfully aware of this catalina and had me go me hang out until it appeared.   If you plan to roll this deal too, just make sure you have a cheap filler item with your second two bottles of FREE detergent!  Just remember, you need to buy each two bottles of Purex in separate transactions to get each catalina.  Thanks Maybe Frugal!

Update:  I just read on another blog that this deal may not be working in lots of places due to some let's say, "over-zealous" shoppers.  You can read more here!


maygan said...

Kim, it was still working as of late last night. Some Seattle area stores have actually taken the paper out of their catalina machines or something (but most are still working). I doubt it'll get pulled, but I'll let you know if it does. I'm glad you were able to pick some up! (If you're looking for really cheap fillers, carrots from the bulk bin work out to be about $0.05 each or so)

Kim said...

Thanks Maygan, I'm going to try a different store today because I need some other items and my local store is fairly small. I'm so impressed at your shopping trips. I've been taking my 16 year old along to do transactions. Now that she has a job she is starting to understand the value of a dollar even more and she is gladly helping me out!

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