Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Weeks of Saving in Review

I didn't add  receipts into my savings tracker for two weeks and missed my last week of savings review.  Wow, I don't plan to do that again.  It was a bit tedious to put everything together so I am just going to post where I stand and a few of the high-lights.

Total Shelf Cost: $424.49
Coupon Savings: $150.92
Total Savings: $266.95
Total Spent: $149.75 (two weeks of shopping)

 Here are a few of my favorite transactions:

Rite Aid:
Paid: $2.11
Total Coupon Savings: $24.98
I ended up meeting the $50 P&G rebate because I also bought Pampers the day before, so I earned a $15 Visa giftcard!  The only bad part was that I paid $19.56 with tax the three packs of diapers (qualifying my for $7 in rebates), but I could have use the $20 Gift of Savings check I still have!  Oh well, I''ll find a way to roll it before it expires in April.

Albertsons: 5 Total Transactions

(3) ActiviaYogurt: Free
 (3) Tuna: Free
(40) Baby Food: $8
(12) Dannon Yogurts: 16¢ each
Tomatoes: 25¢ each after rolling catalinas
(8) Free boxes of pasta (not pictured)
Total OOP: $12
These transactions were all done using (3) $1 MF coupons and (3) Albertsons doublers, as well as rolling $1 OYNO catalinas from the tomatoes.  I also stocked up on lots of other items that aren't pictured, like chicken at $1.88 per pound and pork chops at $1.38 per pound, as well as produce and dairy.

This is month to date:

My goal for this month for groceries and personal care items is $240.00.  I have spent $211.37 so far.  But, I have received $14.62 in rebate checks that I haven't cashed yet, as well as $13.99 in Walgreens register rewards that expire on 2/22.  This brings my available expenditures to $57.24.  No problem- I hope!

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maygan said...

You did great this week! I'm sure you'll be able to make it through the rest of the month on $50!

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