Monday, February 22, 2010

Using Paper & eCoupons Together Fred Meyer: Official Policy?

I emailed Fred Meyer a while ago to get some clarification on eCoupons, specifically on if you can use both a manufacturer paper coupon in addition to an eCoupon.  This was their response:
Electronic coupons are manufacturer coupons, not store coupons. You can only use one manufacturer coupon per purchase, so you cannot combine paper and electronic coupons for the same purchase. As the electronic coupon will come off automatically, I would advocate not offering a paper coupon for any item for which you have loaded an electronic coupon.

I'm kind of disappointed, but in light of this response I won't be matching up eCoupons and paper coupons.  I haven't been able to locate a written policy on this though, so I don't know how official it is.  I've never run into a problem using both, but I don't feel comfortable if they frown upon it.  I just wish they were a little more forthcoming about what their actual policy is!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Anonymous said...

last time I went shopping I used both e coupons and printed and I had no problem. I hope it does not become a problem.

Rebecca said...

This is really hilarious and frustrating at the same time. I have emailed them twice about this and asked them, as completely and comprehensively as is humanly possible, what their stance is on this. They told me the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they told you... *Here's an excerpt: "Thank you for contacting the Kroger Digital Coupons Help Center. Digital Coupons can be used in addition to a manufacturer's coupon." and "Each store location has the option of using a store or manufacturer's coupon in addition to a digital coupon."

superbob0000 said...

in the portland, or, there was a memo dated Dec 8, from corporate, thats entitled "digital coupons", that states that a ecoupons and a Paper coupon CAN be used in the same transaction. im assuming this is for this division. i dont know if Fred meyer down here is in the same division. buts its worth checking to see if it is, (your stores will either have this memo or not.) if they do, your good to go! :)

Kim said...

That information is very interesting! I am wondering if they in fact, do not have an "official policy"?! In the email I received it stated "I do not advocate" versus, "we do not allow" or "will not accept". I think I will check with my local store, but they have seemed to know very little about eCoupons when I inquired in the past.

laceylady said...

So there have been a couple of times where ecoupons did not work for me at FM. I think its because I always put in my phone # at the begining of my transaction. Heres what I read on "Frugal Chic Living"

"I haven't had any problems using eCoupons with MC at Fred Meyer, but be sure to have them scan your coupons first, THEN your card - otherwise your store coupon will adjust for the eCoupon (as in, you won't get the store coupon savings)."

Sara said...

Anyone feel like they are taking advantage of the manufacturer? Aren't they really the ones we should be asking rather than the retailer, since, afterall, the manufacturer is the one paying for two coupons? I've had two of the same ecoupons come off (from cellfire and shortcuts - at Safeway, not Fred Meyer) and used the "same" paper manufacturer coupon and ended up getting overage on the product....later I felt guilty about it since I'm guessing the manufacturer would not be supportive of this. I do not plan to do that again unless someone finds out that the manufacturers don't care. =)

Anonymous said...

But what if your cashier 'first' asks if you have a Fred Meyer card as they start your order? Most FM cashiers I've come across ask this at the beginning. Do you just ignore their question and then let them swipe your card after you've given them your paper coupons?

Kim said...

I often wonder if the manufacturer would provide both eCoupons & paper coupons if they didn't expect people to use both. I would think they would realize that those of use who use coupons on a regular basis would be trying to find ways to save the most money, hence utilizing both where it is accepted. If they do care, maybe we will start seeing something printed on paper coupons that state "Do not accept if eCoupon is used." Although, most manufacturers who use eCoupons often have their products on duplicate sites, and by now should be aware that both are being utilized. It would be very time consuming to contact every MF about their policy, so if it makes you feel guilty, I agree, don't do it.

In regards to the question about handing over the club card, I suppose you could tell them that you would prefer to wait until the end of the transaction.

I honestly don't have the answer, but I generally try to trust my gut. I don't want coupons to go away all together, so if it doesn't feel like it's on the up and up I avoid it.

Sienna said...

I honestly cannot remember what ecoupons I have loaded onto my card. I just load whatever is available and go with it. That being said, if they allowed us to choose whether the ecoupon would come off or not, then I would be able to control if I use a paper coupon or an ecoupon. Until I have a choice, I will continue using my paper coupons since they will always work and if my ecoupons decide to work too, great, if not I know I will get my paper coupon savings.

Anonymous said...

I say, "take the high road' & choose to be above reproach.
We will all have a higher authority to be accountable to some day, & I hope to hear, "Well done, my good & faithful servant".
Small pennies mean nothing compared to the blessings He can give-
unless we get an absolute "all clear, ok to use both", I won't

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