My name is Kim, and I am a stay at home mom in The Puget Sound Area, or more techincally a small suburb in Seattle.  I worked for years as a Registered Nurse, but decided to do the "stay at home mom" thing with my youngest daughter.  As money became a little tighter with me not working, and I wanted to find a way to save a little more and prolong going back to work.  I started clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, but I found that I wasn't really saving much more than a few dollars each shopping trip.  Then I discovered a Northwest blog while trying to find discount tickets for a local water park.  What I found was not only a way to get these discount tickets, but a plethera of information about saving money through coupon clipping and deal seeking.

 After reading a few other blogs, I decided to try my first "deal" by purchasing baby wipes for 79¢ each!  This may sound wierd, but after being used to spending three times that much on them, I was elated.  My teenager said I was "glowing".  A little tacky, I know, but I was hooked!

I thought it would be fun to start a blog to share deals I find that appeal to me.  I am no expert, and don't have a history of being really good with money.  But, I am learning and am enjoying sharing all that I discover.  I try to keep it simple, as I am a beginner too!  I have trimmed down my grocery bill by hundreds each month, and you can too.  I invite you to join me on my coupon clipping and deal seeking journey!

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