Fred Meyer 101

Here are a few quick tips I've picked up to help you navigate coupon shopping at Fred Meyer:

  1. Fred Meyer weekly ads run Sunday through Saturday.
  2. Fred Meyer also releases a sales booklet known as The Extra Savings Guide on a monthly basis.  It lists various sale prices and contains store coupons.  On a rare occasion it will also contain a manufacturer coupon.  The date this booklet is released varies month to month.  For example, it may be released on the 8th of the month and expire on the 3rd day of the following month. The next month it may run until the 10th of that month.
  3. Fred Meyer allows store coupons to be stacked with manufacturer coupons.  You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item.
  4. You will receive and can use catalina coupons at Fred Meyer.  Catalina machines are the ones located next to the registers that spew out all of those coupons you receive when you are checking out.  Catalina coupons are provided by manufacturers and can be stacked with store coupons.  Catalina coupons can only be used at the store you receive them from.  For example, if you get a catalina coupon from Fred Meyer, it can only be used at a Fred Meyer store.  It doesn't matter which location you received it from though.  Some catalina coupons are informational, and list promotions that are going on, or are simply advertisements.
  5. Coupons printed from the internet are allowed.
  6. Naturally Preferred is a monthly magazine that you can find in the natural food & product section of the store.  It frequently contains manufacturer coupons and is free of charge.  I've noticed that each month there have been less and less manufacturer coupons inside, but it is always worth checking out.  You can sometimes get a high value Kashi coupon from it.
  7. Fred Meyer now has its own eCoupon program.  You can still use Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons though.  Read my post eCoupons 101 for all the information on loading your coupons.

I always bring my entire coupon stash with me when shopping at Fred Meyer.  I frequently find unadvertised sales and markdown that I pair with manufacturer coupons for some even greater savings.

Hope that helps!

Updated 1/22/2010
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