Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Forget about the Food Drive Wednesday Nov. 18

I posted this last week, so this is a reminder.  If you are local, and live near the Fred Meyer in Bothell, Renton, or Issaquah, KOMO News will be hosting food drives at these store locations on November 18th between the hours of 6am and 7pm.  They are in memory of Brenden Foster of Bothell, a youngster whose dying wish was to feed the hungry. These food drives will be benefiting Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline, great local organizations.  Go HERE for more information.

I am so grateful to have a pantry full of food and other products that I have gotten for free or almost free by using coupons and finding deals.  Now is a great opportunity for me to help some of those in need and express my gratitude for all that I have been given!  If you aren't in the area or don't live near one of these stores I am sure there will be lots of opportunities in the coming weeks!  Let me know and I would be happy to spread the word!

Update:  I just found a great Food Bank Challenge at Moneywise!  She is challenging shoppers to set aside $10 this month for food bank donations.  Here's what I'm going to donate on Wednesday:

This is from my pantry:
(5) Boxes of Baby Wipes: $2.38 Target
(4) Cans of Tuna: $1.33 Fred Meyer
(1) Quaker Oats: $2.50 Fred Meyer
(2)Boxes of Cheerios: $1.00  from recent Albertson's Promo
(2) Cans of Progresso Soup: 50¢ from Fred Meyer
(1) Skippy Penut Butter: Around 50¢ recently at Target
(2) Progrsso Broth Boxes: Around $2.00 from recent Albertson's Promo
Total: $10.21

Check out her post HERE.  Thanks Maygan, at Maybe Frugal for finding this!

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