Monday, November 16, 2009

This Week In Review: 73% Savings

I'm a little late in writing this post, but I wanted to share my savings this week.  I saved $208.00 or 73% this week!  Clipping coupons and researching deal does take me a few hours a week, but when I calculate how much time I spend with how much I save, I would be making about $50 an hour.  Well worth my time! 

Here are my figures:

Fred Meyer: (Pictured Above, with a few items from Albertsons)
Amount Spent: $38.38
Amount Saved: $96.15
Percent Saved: 71%
Highlights:  I used $17 in free grocery coupons earned with  Fred Meyer rewards points! I also found Star Olive Oil Reduced to $4.99 from $8.69 and I use (4) $4 off coupons for them, making them 99¢ each!

Albertsons: (10 lbs in free hamburger not pictured)

Amount Spent: $25.33
Amount Saved: $93.45
Percent Saved: 79%
Highlights:  10 lbs. in free ground beef using my left over $15 catalina, and a lot of really cheap food you can check out HERE!

Amount Spent: $8.85 before tax
Amount Saved: $15.00
Percent Saved: 63%
Highlights:  Target has unlimited $1 off coupons for Up & Up Baby wipes so I bought 15 at 57¢ each!   These coupons are good until 12/5 and you can print your HERE if you want to take advantage of this awesome price!

I also got 4 free Herbal Essence products at this week, just paid tax. (Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly how much I saved because I can't find my receipt anywhere!)

Total Spent: $72.56

I wish I could get my bill down to $50 a week like a lot of women I read about!  But, since I am fairly new at the couponing and deal game, I have really just started to start stockpiling and buying in bulk.  I am probably spending  at least $10 a week on this now.  I also include all my personal care items in my totals.  This week I was happy to get 15 boxes of baby wipes.  I plan on donating 5 of these, but the other 10 will last me quite a while!  I only plan to spend money on Thanksgiving dinner items this week, so my bill should be considerably lower if all goes as planned.

How did you do?  Do you have any money saving tips?  Please leave me a comment!

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