Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day One of Freezer Cooking

 I mentioned last week that I am going to participate in Money Saving Mom's and Fish Mama's popular Freezer Cooking Day on Monday.  Since I am a newbie to this, I decided to get a jump start and cross off a few items on my list today! 

As you can see by my list, here's what I accomplished so far:

I got all my veggies chopped.

All of my hamburger is browned, placed in one pound containers, and in the freezer.

My carrots are steamed, blanched, packaged into 1 cup servings, and frozen.


And this tired little helper is finally taking a nap!

OK, so my littler helper wasn't really that much help, but she was very cooperative as mommy cooked and daddy prepared the taxes. 

I am going to change my plans for tomorrow a little.  Instead of making freezer lasagna, I am going to make 3 dinners of tuna casserole.  I am also going to make one batch of banana nut muffins instead of two, and try a new Raisin Bran muffin recipe.  (I have 28 boxes of cereal and I need to come up with ways to use them.  Do you have any ideas?)

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O'Leary crew said...

I found this website with various recipes using Corn Flakes types cereal and Cheerios.
Have fun and thanks for all your hard work!

Kim said...

Oh thanks, I several boxes of both actually :)

maygan said...

Looks like you're off to a really great start! I hope you're first freezer cooking day is a complete success!

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