Friday, February 26, 2010

My Week of Savings in Review: 2/21 - 2/27

Here's my no frills week in review:

Fred Meyer:

Ham: $1.29 (half off)
Chicken 79¢/lb: $7.55
Land'O Frost Lunch Meat: $2 each w/MF coupon
Keebler Cookies: $1.29 each w/MF coupons
2 Gallons of Milk: Free w/ cookies (promo)
FM Cottage Cheese: 99¢ each
FM Creamer: $4.35
Cauliflower: $1.76
Bananas: $1.85
Lettuce: 99¢
Kroger Puffs: $1.67
Coffee: 2 half lb bags Free w/Coupon
Paid: $19.64 (after $14.64 in rebate money used)

Walgreens (details here)
Paid: $4.16
Earned: $6 in register rewards

Fred Meyer: (details here)
Paid: $8.01

Not Pictured:
3 Loaves of bread for $3.75

Total this week: $35.56 and I have $6 in register reward for next week.  I am at $246.11 for the month, slightly over my allotted budget of $240.00.    I do plan to buy two more fryer breasts tomorrow in preparation for my upcoming freezer cooking day, which will push over even more.  My goal was a little low, so I'm not sweating it.  I'm very pleased with my total savings for the month of $523.42.  It makes it so worthwhile to spend the time each week clipping coupons and finding deals!
Update:  I've noticed that my totals don't from my savings tracker don't make sense.  I should have been a little under budget.  I'm going to have to do a little research and calculations today to figure out why.  To be continued....

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The Keevy Family said...

Great job on your purchases! I got the land o frost meat as well but mine were $1 ea after coupon. Is that what you meant? I thought it was a better deal to get the bigger $3 package than the smaller $2.50 one.
I looked and looked for the citre shine shampoo and couldn't find it! It actually looked like they didn't carry it. I was in a hurry and didn't ask anyone about it. My Fred Meyer purchases I haven't posted yet.
I'm going over my budget a bit this month, but I'm not worried about it. I'm starting to feel the need to stock up a bit before the baby comes. All of my shorter more frequent trips to the store may come to an end for awhile and there were deals I didn't want to pass up!
Thanks for posting your deals!

Kim said...

I used a $1/2 Q for the Land O' Frost. I didn't notice the $3 variety. Maybe I was missing a coupon. I've been know to overlook and forget things.

I actually went to 2 different stores for the Citre Shine. One was out, the other had plenty. I am wondering if they are phasing it out, and that is why it was such a good deal?

I didn't mind going over either. $240 is my lowest goal ever, and I'm amazed I got as close as I did!

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