Monday, February 8, 2010

Update on Walgreens Diaper Deal

Don't you just hate the fine print sometimes?  I was really, really happy about the $2.99 Huggies diapers at Walgreens this week.  Come to find out that the Huggie's coupon in the Children's Activity Book states "Off Regular Retail".  I'm going to be honest though, I did this deal on Sunday using the coupon and didn't even realize it.  I found out by reading another blog! 

Another thing I found out while at my store though, is that they are not accepting the coupons from the Safeway manufacturer coupon book either.  I don't know why, because the coupon is clearly from the manufacturer, but it beeps when scanned.  What a bummer!  Fortunately I had a $2 coupon that I got in the mail from Huggies.  There were $2 printables on recently, but they are no longer available either. 

Don't fret if you don't have any of the latter two coupons.  Rite Aid has a great deal on Pampers this week.

Thanks Angela!

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maygan said...

The reason the Huggies q from Safeway beeps is that there's an extra 9 in the barcode (see how it starts with 2 9's?). Safeway does this a lot, and they'll beep everywhere except at Safeway (maybe in an attempt to make you use it there only?). It is a real manufacturer's coupon though, and Walgreens will be reimbursed for it, so I'd probably just try it at a different store if you're hoping to do this deal a few more times.

Kim said...

Thanks Maygan, I did not know that. I sometimes wish I were like you and did the cloth diaper thing! Hopefully other Walgreens will be more accommodating with this Q. Mine is such a stickler, but they didn't know about the fine print of the Q from the Children's Activity book either. Ahhh! As a fairly new couponer, it is hard to know and remember all of the fine details! That's what makes having a frugal blog and following others like yours so helpful.

laceylady said...

I read on that this cat is rolling!! So far Wag's has let me use the Children's Activity book Q, I've never read the fine print on it. You probably already know this but make sure you give them the MC 1st then the Wag's Q.
I did notice that the coupons in the feb Wag's booklet say manufacturer coupon in fine print.

LaVonne said...

I used the coupon last week at Walgreens and it beeped but the cashier pushed it through. I didn't even think about it. So, this week, I think I will go back to the same Walgreens and try again.

Anonymous said...

I think lately every coupon I use beeps at walgreens even their own store coupons. I guess they have their registers set to where they beep any way to have the cashier second guess them selves. Bummer.

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