Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

As part of my goals for the New Year I have decided to participate in I'm an Organization Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.  So many frugal moms I know and many of my favorite bloggers swear by it, so I've decided to give it a try.  I usually have no idea what I am going to cook until I hit the kitchen.  I am hoping that planning my menu will save me time, money, and energy.  I also need to work on my creativity, as my family can probably attest to how boring I am in the kitchen.  By sharing my plans with the world I am forced to become a little more interesting!  So, here goes:

Monday: Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry with rice.
Tuesday:  Polska Kielbasa & Sour Kraut on hoagie rolls, with carrot raisin salad.
Wednesday: Spaghetti w/ meat balls, green salad, and corn. (Free Artichoke Pesto from Safeway)
Thursday: Potato Bacon Soup with leftover rolls from the holidays (from freezer). Very Fugal!
Friday:  Papa Murphy's Pizza.  (Will use $3 off coupon I have.)
Saturday: BBQ Chicken with Brown Rice, steamed veggies, and fruit salad.
Sunday: my "to be determined" day.

 Ok, so this is still kind of boring, but since I promise next week I will try to make it a little more exciting.  I usually don't cook on Fridays, hence the pizza.  I am also leaving Sundays open as my to be determined day.  I will report how it goes!


Lynne said...

Hi Kim,

I have been following Athriftymom for about a year. I plan to be following your site. I am interested to know if you are living on Bainbridge Island? I have a friend who has move to the island from Maine. I do like your plan of action for figuring out your meals. Looking forward to more to come. Thanks!! Lynne

TJ said...

A few of our menu items are very similar! I love to go to the Papa Murhy's down the road, but we have such different likes in pizza it usually gets pricey.

Kim said...

Hi Lynne,

I am actually in Bothell, which is a little North East of Seattle, and Bainbridge is across the sound from me. It is about a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. It is a wonderful and beautiful island! I hope your friend enjoys her very long distance move. I hear that Bainbridge is a charming place to live.

The Keevy Family said...

I think your menu plan is fabulous!! Nothing boring about it!
I'm a simple girl myself and I cook very easy and healthy meals that I can whip up either ahead of time or within about 30-40 minutes. I have a lot of go-to side dishes that are very plain--like fruit salad or a simple green salad or whole wheat bread. My family likes my cooking and it works for me!
Glad to see your menu plan. I am planning on posting my menu as much as possible this year as well as my super savings saturday posts. Should be fun!

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